How we came to be...

Ganesha Bazaar was created in 1990 when the creators Nitash and Ajita met on an ashram in India. They decided to try to sell Belly Dance costumes so they could support themselves while they traveled the world together.

Ajita was German and had previously imported fabrics and costumes for Belly Dancers in Germany, where interest in Belly Dance was growing due to the Middle Eastern influence of the local Turkish and Egyptian populations. Successful, they decided to see if there was a Belly Dance scene in America. And was there ever!
Like true gypsies, at first they sold their Belly Dance costumes out of a VW camper van while they traveled America. They drove from state to state meeting Belly Dancers and teachers by day and camping by night. For the first few months, Ganesha Bazaar, was mobile and didn't even have a phone number or mailing address! (This was before cell phones and emails.) After a short time in Seattle WA, they eventually settled in Sedona, AZ.

In the Spring of 2004, Middle Eastern Dancer and costume designer Habib (also recently moved to Sedona from Seattle) met Nitash and Ajita and it changed her life forever.  In Spring of 2005, Habib bought the business from Nitash and Ajita.  It was a chance she had been waiting for…To read more on Habib visit her web site.

Habib visited India for the first time in the winter of 2005 as she prefers to have a real "hands-on" designing experience. She strives to create the most aesthetically pleasing and functional costumes possible. Her "Sari Wallas" travel to all corners of India searching for rare embroidered silks and fabrics. Often she goes through thousands of saris at a time to select only the most beautiful. This always takes a lot of time, but she doesn't mind since she finds India so rich, exotic and fascinating. India always seems to somehow nourish the soul, no matter how hard and grueling the trips may sometimes be.

Many people have asked why the name "Ganesha Bazaar" was chosen for their business name.  Ganesha is the Hindi elephant God of fortune and luck. It was Ajita and Nitash's way of blessing the business and Habib decided to keep the name when she took over because Ganesha is also known as the Lord of Beginnings.

Ganesha Bazaar has enjoyed success for over 2 decades... now due to economic changes Ganesha Bazaar is closing it's doors. We have discounted all items to encourage final sales as we go out of business.

Ganesha Bazaar thanks our many patrons over the years for their appreciation of our fine quality in Belly Dance costumes and accessories.
On to new ventures!!

Makbul... Yallah!