Brokat Patch Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Belt C

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Tribal boarder fringe belt with tasseled ties in Black/Pink/White.
This Belly Dance belt has two sections, front and back.
Ties at sides. Two silk Brokat diamond shaped patches  (made
from vintage Brokat silk saris) at each end of front and back
panel. Each panel measures 19 inches long with two 10 inch ties
at end of each panel.
The bottom edge of Tribal belt has two colors of eight
inch long fringe in pink/white. Fits hips 38-48 inches.
Belt is designed to be tied at sides. Size Large/Xlrg
Made of a black cotton embroidered with pink/green
and cream over a black cotton base.
Antique Indian coins sewn onto bottom edge of belt.
Embellish with your own chain, shells or tassels.
Bring this hot gypsy look home and layer it up!